The STREAM® fluorometer/turbidimeter is a compact and lightweight, 100% autonomous, and submersible probe. The probe does not require any external technology (cable, external datalogger, power source) to operate. The fluorometer can be installed in the natural environment (river, lake, marine environment), as well as in boreholes or piezometers with a diameter greater than 60mm..


The optical measurement of the fluorescence and turbidity of water is performed automatically through an extremely resistant polycarbonate window. The measurement frequency is chosen by the user according to the desired monitoring accuracy (from 1 minute to 60 minutes). The data is automatically stored on an internal memory card. The internal battery allows for an extended autonomy of the probe thanks to low-power technology. As a result, several months of monitoring are possible at a frequency of 1 measurement/10 minutes.

The external casing in anodized aluminum provides optimal waterproof protection against the external environment and allows safe immersion for extended periods. Once installed, the STREAM® probe does not require maintenance and allows the acquisition of valuable qualitative data for extended periods of time, in multiple natural or artificial environments.

Size60 mm x 230 mm
Weight1,25 Kg
HousingAnodized aluminium, polycarbonate window
Max depth of use- 1000 m (100 bars)
ConnectionUSB (battery recharge)
Wi-Fi (configuration, data transfer)
Battery (internal battery)Li-ion 3,6V – 6,8 to 10,2 Ah
Autonomy> 30,000 measurements
• 20 days with 1 measurement / minute
• 7 months with 1 measurement / 10 minutes
Internal dataloggerMicroSD chip
Timestep1 – 60 minutes
Other available tracers
Resolution: 0.06 to 0.09 ppb
Measuring range: 0 to 3000 ppb
Sulforhodamine B, Amino-G
Turbidity0.08 – 1000 NTU
Water temperatureResolution 0.06°C / -55°C à +125°C
Parameters on requestDissolved organic matter (chlorophyll, cyanobacteria), hydrocarbons

A USB connection allows the user to configure the instrument through a web portal, accessible via any type of platform with Wifi technology (laptop, smartphone). No specific software is required to connect to the probe, configure it, and collect recorded field data.

The STREAM® fluorometers/turbidimeters enable the rapid deployment of a high-resolution temporal measurement network, enabling an efficient and accurate response to many water resource-related issues.

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